Monday, July 15, 2024 UTC


    NOTE: Since it is Annunciation, there will not be a PreSanctified Liturgy, but Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. See post for Annunciation that follows. The first Gospel Reading for today is Matthew 24: 3-38, as summarized below.

BYZANTINE LITURGICAL THEOLOGY OF GREAT & HOLY WEEK – HOLY MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: Byzantine Liturgical Theology of Great and Holy Week Holy Monday Tuesday Wednesday

The Monday of Holy Week we read Matthew 24: 3-35. The theme of this Gospel is “the signs of the end of an age” and the Parable of the Fig Tree. Concerning the “end times”, in which “Jesus cautions His disciples not to be mislead by false promises about the Messiah, but rather to be encouraged by the promise that there will be clear signs when the Son of Man comes to gather his chosen ones.” The fig tree was a symbol for us knowing Christ’s return is near when we see certain signs mentioned earlier in this Gospel.  It also represents the synegouge not providing the leadership of virtue to its people. Therefore, if we live as if Christ’s coming is tomorrow, then we will strive to be prepared for it. Therefore, examine your faith & determine if you are ready for Christ’s return as if it may be tomorrow!


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