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For those who can’t attend the Matins – the verses and the order of the Matins are attached here: Matins_of_the_Great_Canon

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The Canon is called Great because of its volume (266 verses) and its inner content as it affects the soul “penitentiary” or “remorsefully.” In it St. Andrew collected all the events of the Old and the New Testaments, from the fall of Adam to the death of Christ the Savior on the cross, and expressed them in a manner of deep and heartfelt grief. The canon is a dialog between St. Andrew and his soul. The ongoing theme is an urgent appeal to change one’s life.

Themes of the Great Canon

  1. How we should think about ourselves and our sinfulness? Ask God to grant you release from your sins and imitate the God loving deeds of the moral and shun the sins of the wicked.
  2. What is your desire to change? In the future refrain from your former cold-heartedness, and offer to God tears of repentance.
  3. Do you recognize reality? Time is fleeting and you neither care nor prepare, therefore open your heart to this reality.
  4. How do you pray? Pray to God, the Good Shepherd, and don’t neglect your soul when you have gone astray.