Wednesday, April 24, 2024 UTC

AUG 4: PARAKLESIS: “Office of Supplicatory Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos”


Paraklesis from the Metropolitan Cantor Institute: Paraklesis

A PARAKLESIS is a devotional service of the Byzantine Rite to the Mother of God. It is particularly associated with the Dormition Fast. According to the Metropolitan Cantor Institute: “Melkite Archbishop Joseph Raya explains the service as follows:

The word paraclisis has two different meanings: the first is “consolation”, from which the Holy Spirit is called the “Paraclete” or “Consoler”; the second is “supplication” or “petition”. The Office of Paraclisis consists in hymns of supplication to obtain consolation and courage. It should be recited in times of temptation, discouragement and sickness.

In the Slavic tradition, the Paraklisis is an example of a moleban – a prayer service for the living, which is appointed by the Church for use whenever desired. This distinguishes it from both the liturgical hours of prayer and the Divine Liturgy on the one hand, and from personally-composed prayers on the other.”

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