Wednesday, July 18, 2018 UTC


858272308 AUG 18: VESPERAL DIVINE LITURGY – 4:00 PM (SN); AUG 19: DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00 AM (SCM).

Today’s Gospel reading is Matthew 21: 33-42, The Parable of the Evil Tenants. The message Jesus shares with us in this parable is that of God’s love and compassion. The servants/slaves that were sent to the vineyard to work the land for the Master, but they did not (like those who won’t receive the word of God when he calls them). So the Master tried one last expression in sending His beloved Son (the way God sent His beloved Son, Jesus), yet instead of welcoming and receiving his son, they killed him. Thus, regardless, Gods love never fails and He will never abandon the “vineyard”. There are often those who feel that there is no way that God could ever love them because of what they have done but He does.




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