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Sunday-of-ForefathersDEC 12:  CONFESSION – 8:30 AM, DIVINE LITURGY – 9:00 AM (LIVE-STREAMED); DIVINE LITURGY – 11:00 AM. NOTE: the annual St. Nicholas Tree has been set up and is decorated with envelopes.   If you wish to participate, please take an envelope and return it to the collection basket with a cash or check donation (made payable to the parish).   The collection will run through Christmas, and will be given to support the St. Nicholas Village of Mercy orphanage and home near Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, as well as the family of Fr. Iouri Koslovskii in L’viv, Ukraine.
Please see Dan Pope if you have any questions about the fundraiser.

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Today’s Gospel is from Luke 14: 16-24, The Parable of the Great Banquet. This story was told at a dinner that Jesus attended. Jesus just healed a man with dropsy & taught a brief lesson on serving others. Jesus then says that those who serve others “will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.” At the mention of the resurrection, someone at the table with Jesus said, “Blessed is the man who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God”. In reply, Jesus tells the Parable of the Great Banquet. In essence, the parable tells us that the master is not satisfied with a partially full banquet hall; he wants every place at the table to be filled. Those who ignored the invitation to the banquet missed out for they would not “taste of my banquet.” So it will be with God’s judgment on those who choose to reject Christ: they will have their choice confirmed, and they will never taste the joys of heaven.

The 2nd Sunday before the Nativity commemorates the Ancestors of Holy God the Son within the Holy Trinity/Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ. All the great Fathers and Mothers and Prophets of the Old Testament, starting with Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, including Holy Prophet Elias the Thesbite and Daniel, and concluding with Holy Prophet Zechariah (Zachary), Holy Prophet and Glorious Forerunner John the Baptist and The Theotokos.

  On December 12th each year, we also celebrate the Feast of Our Lady (Theotokos) of Guadalupe. This day commemorates the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in 1531 to St. Juan Diego on the hills of Tepeyac near Mexico City between Dec. 9 and Dec. 12, 1531. Mary, looking like a Mexican princess, appeared four times to the Juan Diego. She left her image on the simple peasant’s cloak that is still preserved in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. Las Mañanitas, the Mexican Birthday Song, is typically sung at midnight or early morning and during Mass the day of the feast. It can be sung anytime during your celebration.

Lyrics and a translation of Las Mañantias:

Estas son las mañanitas,
que cantaba el Rey David,
Hoy por ser día de tu santo,
te las cantamos a ti,
Despierta, mi bien*, despierta,
mira que ya amaneció,
Ya los pajarillos cantan,
la luna ya se metió.
This is the morning song
that King David sang
Because today is your saint’s day
we’re singing it for you
Wake up, my dear*, wake up,
look it is already dawn
The birds are already singing
and the moon has set
Que linda está la mañana
en que vengo a saludarte,
Venimos todos con gusto
y placer a felicitarte,
Ya viene amaneciendo,
ya la luz del día nos dio,
Levántate de mañana,
mira que ya amaneció.
How lovely is the morning
in which I come to greet you
We all came here with joy
and pleasure to congratulate you
The morning is coming now,
the sun is giving us its light
Get up in the morning,
look it is already dawn

Often replaced with the name of the person who is being celebrated

Additional verses:

El día en que tu naciste
nacieron todas las flores
En la pila del bautismo,
cantaron los ruiseñores
The day you were born
all the flowers were born
On the baptismal font
the nightingales sang
Quisiera ser solecito
para entrar por tu ventana
y darte los buenos días
acostadita en tu cama
I would like to be the sunshine
to enter through your window
to wish you good morning
while you’re lying in your bed
Quisiera ser un San Juan,
quisiera ser un San Pedro
Para venirte a cantar
con la música del cielo
I would like to be a Saint John>
I would like to be a Saint Peter
To sing to you
with the music of heaven
De las estrellas del cielo
tengo que bajarte dos
una para saludarte
y otra para decirte adiós
Of the stars in the sky
I have to lower two for you
One with which to greet you
and the other to wish you goodbye