Wednesday, September 27, 2023 UTC


     DEC 14: EMMANUEL MOLEBEN – 6:00 PM. As we approach the holiday season, please keep in mind that the annual Angel Tree will be set up in the back of the church. Pleae keep with the tradition that this tree has been our “giving tree” for many years and provides the opportunity to contribute money to benefit an orphanage in the Ukraine. Please take a “ornament” and provide a monetary gift as directed. 

EMMANUEL MOLEBEN – A Service of Prayer for the Christmas Fast: EmmanuelMoleben

Streaming via Facebook Live.

Additional information about history of Moleben:

The Emmanuel Moleben is a Service Prayer to prepare for the birth of Christ.  “The time of the Christmas Fast (also known as Philip’s Fast, the period from November 16 through December 24) calls Byzantine Catholics (and all Eastern Christians) to fasting, prayer, and the giving of alms. This service is set up so that it can be served once during the Fast, or once a week … . The chant given here is a combination of traditional Carpatho-Rusyn melodies and some new compositions from Slovakia and the United States. The intention is to help all who pray the Moleben to enter more deeply into the Scriptures (both those which prophesy the coming of the Messiah and those which give the Gospel details leading up to his birth).” (Copied from: Metropolitan Cantor Institute, Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 2007)


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