Sunday, September 25, 2022 UTC


God With Us Online is dedicated to the catechetical renewal of Eastern Catholics in the United States. The Eastern Catholic Eparchial Directors of Religious Education are offering 5 free webinars from September to December 2022 that you can register and view here to help you in your understanding of Eastern Christianity:

In order to pass on the faith of our Church, we must take hold of it ourselves! What are you doing to nourish your spiritual life and your knowledge of the beautiful faith of our Church? There are many resources available at our parish. You can also visit for videos, resources centered on the Church year, books and other resources to strengthen you in your confidence to share the faith of our Church with others.

Reflection on Catechal Theme: Catechetical-Sunday-Gift-of-Christ-Reflection

The first webinar is September 21st at 8 PM EST called STEWARDS OF THE MYSTERIES – The Great Calling of Every Christian. Led by Most Rev. Nicholas Samra:

The second webinar is October 5th, 12th, and 19th at 8 PM EST called SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER – An Introduction to the Holy Prophets. Led by Rev. Sebastian Carnazzo, PhD:

The third webinar is November 2nd and 9th at 8 PM EST called O JOYFUL LIGHT – An Introduction to Evening Prayer. Led by Rev. David Anderson:

The fourth webinar is November 28th at 8 PM EST called CUTTING AWAY THORNS – Why Fasting Precedes the Feast. Led by Hierodeacon Moses Wright:

The fifth webinar is December 12th at 8 PM EST called THE MAN-GOD – St. Athanasios’ Theology of Incarnational Divinization. Led by Rev. Nathan Symeon Adams:

“This is truly a watershed moment in the life of our Eastern Churches! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to grow in the unique beauty of our faith together. The webinar will open 30 minutes ahead of time for some fun pre-class discussion, where you’ll get a chance to learn more about the many exciting opportunities ……! Please join us!”