Wednesday, October 27, 2021 UTC


JAN 25: 3:00 PM – CONFESSION, 4:00 PM – VESPERAL DIVINE LITURGY (SN) Celebrant: Fr. Matthew. Deacons: Stephen and Joseph (preaching).

On January 25 we commemorate St. Gregory The Theologian, Archbishop Of Constantinople. He was born in Nazianzus of a Greek father and a Christian mother.  St. Basil consecrated him as bishop of Sasima, and Emperor Theodosius the Great summoned him to fill the vacant archiepiscopal throne of Constantinople. He wrote numerous works of which his most famous are those concerning theology for which he is called The Theologian. Especially known because of its depth is his work: Homilies on The Holy Trinity.  In 381 A.D., when a debate began regarding his election as archbishop, he withdrew on his own and issued a statement: “Those, who deprive us of our archiepiscopal throne cannot deprive us of God.” After that, he left Constantinople and went to Nazianzus and there lived a life of solitude and prayer, writing worthwhile books. Even though he was in poor health throughout his entire life, nevertheless, Gregory lived to be 80 years old.  He died in the year 390 A.D.