Friday, May 14, 2021 UTC


01-anonymous-christ-heals-the-two-blind-men-on-the-road-to-jericho-duomo-di-monreale-monreale-sicily-it JULY 28: DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00 AM (SCM); PARISH MEETING AFTER DIVINE LITURGY. (AGENDA: Opening Prayer; Financial Report; Site Plan and Fundraising; Men’s group; Newcomer Event; Q&A; Closing Prayer)

In today’s Gospel Reading, Matthew 9:27-35, Two Blind Men are Healed. Today’s Gospel reading speaks of truths that are of great importance to our everyday lives. It speaks of the love of God for man and of the love of man for God; of the fact that God never leaves us without His merciful assistance. Two blind men, cry out: “Have mercy on us, Jesus!” They are very persistent. They know and believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ without any doubt whatsoever. They plead: “Heal us!” The Lord asks them: “Do you believe in Me? Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They reply: “Yes, Lord, of course we believe!” Then He touches their eyes and they are opened – the blind men recover their sight. We all resemble these two blind men not only in our spiritual blindness, but our bodily infirmities, which torment us as did theirs and we ask for things from the Lord: for the alleviation of suffering, for our healing, for the return of our health and the joy of life, which we have somehow lost. But we do not always resemble the blind men in their faith in the Lord and in His power. The Lord Jesus Christ walked the earth very long ago, healing every infirmity and disease in people, just as He healed these two blind men of the Gospel who had unwavering faith in Him. Let us believe Him and be faithful, as the two blind men believed Him.