Monday, July 22, 2024 UTC


On July 27th, we commemorate the Great Martyr Panteleimon. He was educated as a physician, and he “dedicated his life to the suffering, the sick, the unfortunate and the needy. He treated all those who turned to him without charge and did so in the name of Jesus Christ. He visited those held captive in prison. These were usually Christians, and he healed them of their wounds. His charity and healing became known and those ill turned only to him. Other physicians reported this to Emperor Maximian who then tortured him for confessing to be a Christian and refusing to offer sacrifice to the state gods. Though tortured, he remained untouched. Enraged, Maximian ordered his beheading. The soldiers took him to an olive tree, but when they struck him while he was praying, the sword melted like wax. After  finishing his prayer, “a Voice from Heaven, called him and summoned him to the heavenly Kingdom.” He instructed the fearful soldiers to rise and complete the execution after which the olive tree became covered with fruit.


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