Saturday, March 25, 2023 UTC


rasslablenniy_431 JULY 17: CONFESSION – 08:30 AM, DIVINE LITURGY – 9:00 AM (LIVE-STREAMED), DIVINE LITURGY – 11:00 AM.

PROPERS: SundayAfterPentecost06DivineLiturgy

Parishes live-streaming in the Diocese can be found here:

The Gospel Reading for this Sunday is Matthew 9:1-8 in which Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralyzed Man. We learn that not only does Jesus have authority, but we have an account of an event that shows that He has authority to forgive sins. For Jesus the forgiving of sins and the healing of diseases are two sides of His mission, with the forgiveness of sins being the most important. Additionally, He defends His authority to forgive sins to the Pharisees who time and again rebuke Him.  Additionally, we learn that sin can cause us “spiritual paralysis” by controlling all aspects of our lives. We see how repeatedly Jesus goes out of His way to minister to sinners and then forgive and heal them. We see the power in that and how we need Jesus in our lives in order to help us “get off our mats.”




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