Monday, May 23, 2022 UTC


nativity-of-st-john-forerunner    DIVINE LITURGY – 6:30 PM (LIVE-STREAMED).

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Today’s Gospel account is Luke 1:5-25, 57-68 & 76-80 recounts the foretelling of the Birth of John the Baptist, the Birth of John the Baptist and Zechariah’s prophesy that St. John would be strong in spirit and live in the wilderness before appearing to Israel.

Likewise, we celebrate the Birth of St. John the Baptist today. This feast falls around the summer solstice (June 24th), and is known as the “summer Christmas.” On the eve of the feast, great bonfires were once lighted as a symbol of “the burning and brilliant” light, St. John, who pointed out Christ in this world of darkness.  John’s birth was also the result of a miracle. A priest, Zechariah and his childless wife, Elizabeth, had no children and both were advanced in years. Childlessness was a terrible thing for a Jew since it meant one’s name would not be carried on in life. But God intervened allowing the childless Elizabeth to bear a son.