Saturday, July 11, 2020 UTC


st-thomas-icon-756 OCT 5: CONFESSION – 3:00 PM, VESPERAL DIVINE LITURGY (Fr. Matthew Schroeder)- 4:00 pM; OCT 6 – 3RD HOUR – 09:40 AM, DIVINE LITURGY (Fr. Kevin Bezner) – 10:00 AM; OCT 9 – CONFESSION – 9:00 AM, DIVINE LITURGY & CATECHISM – 10:00 AM.

Today’s Gospel Reading is Luke 7: 11-16, in which Jesus raises a widow’s son. In the passage Jesus travels to Nain, where his compassion for a grieving widow leads him to return her only son to life. In restoring her son, Jesus not only soothes her grief, he also restores her chances of surviving within society.  Without her son, she is losing her last support & the loss devastates her life in every way. In an instant, Jesus understood the situation & is moved by compassion, stretched forth his hand, and brought the man back to life. Jesus is motivated simply by compassion and love for a widow facing a future of jeopardy. In that case, we rely on the love of God, the love that caused Jesus to resurrect the son of a woman he did not know. Our faith is what carries us toward God. God’s love is what brings him to meet us. God is never blind to our suffering, or to our deepest needs.

We commemorate on October 6th, St. Thomas, Apostle, sometimes called Doubting Thomas or Didymus which means “The Twin”, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament. He is best known from the account in the Gospel of Saint John, where he questioned Jesus’ resurrection when first told of it, followed by his confession of faith as both “My Lord and my God” on seeing and touching Jesus’ wounded body. Traditionally, he is said to have traveled outside the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel, traveling as far as India. He is often regarded as the Patron Saint of India, and the name Thomas remains quite popular among Saint Thomas Christians of India.

On October 9th we commemorate James, son of Alpheus, Apostle. The Holy Apostle James (also known as the lesser) was one of the 12 Apostles. He was the brother of the holy Evangelist Matthew.  James heard the Lord’s words and witnessed His miracles.  After the Descent of the Holy Spirit, he and the Apostle Andrew the First-Called made missionary journeys throughout Judea, Edessa, Gaza, and Eleutheropolis, proclaiming the Gospel, healing all sorts of sickness and disease, and converting many. St James finished his apostolic work in the Egyptian city of Ostrachina, where he was crucified by the pagans.