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We commemorate St. Demetrius on October 26th. He was born in an only son is Thessalonica of noble and devout parents. His father was a commander in Thessalonica. When his father died, Emperor Maximian appointed Demetrius as Commander. As he appointed him, Maximian, an opponent of Christ, recommended he persecute and exterminate the Christians in Thessalonica. Demetrius disobeyed & openly confessed and preached about the Lord Jesus Christ in the city of Thessalonica. The emperor  became furious and questioned him about his faith. Demetrius openly acknowledged his Christian Faith and also denounced the emperor’s idolatry. Maximian cast him into prison. Knowing what was awaiting him, Demetrius gave all his goods to his faithful servant Lupus to distribute to the poor. An angel of God appeared to him in prison, saying: “Peace be to you, O sufferer of Christ; be brave and be strong!” After several days, the emperor sent soldiers to the prison to kill Demetrius. Christians secretly took his body and honorably buried it. Healing myrrh flowed from the body curing many of the sick. Soon, a small church was built and there miracles and healings occurred.  As the protector of Thessalonica, St. Demetrius has appeared many times, and on many occasions has saved Thessalonica from great calamity. His miracles are without number.

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