Thursday, June 13, 2024 UTC


       OCT 4: DIVINE LITURGY – 6:00 PM.

Today we commemorate St. Francis  of Assisi. He is best known for his service to poor and neglected people, care for animals and flora, and the founding of the Franciscan order. He was the son of a rich textile trader, but decided after meeting a leper to serve the poor. He is well known to both Latin and Byzantine Catholics. A rare document was found in Italy, of a Greek text honoring him. At that time the Latin rite took over the Greek rite parishes and the Greek language services were forgotten, but not destroyed.  Today, the Franciscans are utilizing the old texts to remember the life of St. Francis and the Greek influence. When the Byzantines reconquered their capital city in Constantinople, the frescoe paintings of the life of St. Francis was preserved. The Franciscans thus integrated icon traditions later with Franciscan art, thereby melding both East and West traditions.




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