Tuesday, August 20, 2019 UTC


6849427468_e43ee462ae_n SEPT 1: 3RD HOUR – 0940 AM, DIVINE LITURGY – 10:00 AM (SCM).

The Gospel this Sunday is Matthew 19: 16-26 which talks about Christ and the Rich Young Ruler. In this passage we are introduced to a self-righteous man who thought that he had kept the commandments, but knew that he did not have eternal life.  He knew that he lacked something very important in his life.  The Lord Jesus dealt with him in a very skillful way by showing him using the law (commandments). Though the man followed the laws, Jesus asked him to do something he should do to be whole in his life.  Unfortunately, this man was not ready for salvation.  His first need was himself and his earthly things. We learn the requirement for salvation is much more than simple faith in Jesus Christ.  We learn that salvation requires fulfilling the demands of discipleship by giving up one’s possessions, giving money to the poor, and forsaking all to follow Christ.

Among the ancient Mediterranean cultures, it was common to begin a new year in the autumn, with the end of the previous year’s harvest. From at least the time of the Emperor Constantine, the civil year of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire began in September, and September 1 became the first day of the Church’s year as well. On this day, the Church’s readings from the Old and New Testament announce “a year of grace of the Lord”, and encourage Christians to pray for the needs of all. In the Troparion of the New Year, we sing: “O Lord, maker of the universe, who alone has power over times and seasons, bless this year with your bounty, preserve our country in peace, and keep your people in peace.”

Also, on this day we commemorate Simeon, Venerable. Saint Simeon Stylitesalso called Simeon The Elder was a Syrian monk who was the first known stylite or pillar hermit. He was called Simeon the Elder to distinguish him from a 6th-century stylite also named Simeon.