Tuesday, July 7, 2020 UTC


SEPT 21: CONFESSION – 3:00 PM, DIVINE LITURGY (SN) – 4:00 PM; SEPT 22: 3RD HOUR – 0940 AM, DIVINE LITURGY (SCM) – 10:00 AM; WELCOME RECEPTION at Kids Together Playground at Marla Dorrel Park (behind Lowes Foods) after Liturgy. (Please bring pot-luck food items to park).

WELCOME RECEPTION: This is a time for those who have joined us over the last year or so to be formally introduced and learn about some of the parishioners and their roles. We will bring our pot-luck lunch to the park and while the kids play basketball, use the sand table and climb on the dragon, have a time to find out more about our parish- what is our website address? how do we get the Eparchial newspaper?  who makes the list for Sunday lunch crews? what plans for the parish future are in the works? We will be having a registration drive for old and new – let’s update our information or fill in the blanks with new contacts.  If you are an established parishioner, please bring a food item to share- we are looking for dishes that are not heated- and bring them to the park after Liturgy. If your teen would like to help with overseeing the children playing in the park, please speak to Marie Taylor ([email protected]) or Rachel Blair ([email protected]). Let’s pray for good weather and have a blessed time!

The Sunday Gospel reading is Luke 5: 1-11, is about the Four Fishermen Called as Disciples. In today’s Gospel reading, Christ comes upon several men, Sts. Peter, James, and John who, the Gospel says, had been fishing all through the night and had caught nothing. After spending some time teaching His message, Christ turned his attention to the fishermen. At the Lord’s bidding, they returned to their boats and, putting their faith in Christ’s words, once again let down their nets. And they caught an abundance of fish, enough to break the net, enough indeed to fill two boats and to cause both nearly to sink. Peter seeing this miraculous catch of fish, confesses to the Lord that he, Peter, is a sinful man. Christ responds that while they now catch fish, soon they shall be catching people. Christ was teaching his followers that they must put their trust in Him, even when it seemed a waste of time, even when it seemed foolish, even if they thought they knew better. The second message is that though we try in our lives to accomplish certain things, and fail, we must never cease trying, we must never give up.

On September 23rd, we celebrate the conception of John the Baptist.  St. John’s parents, Elizabeth and Zechariah, are a faithful couple who ask God for a child but cannot conceive. They are also elderly. The angel of the Lord comes to Zechariah and tells him they will have a son, whose name will be called John. He will be great in the sight of the Lord. This news is so surprising that Zechariah is struck dumb.