Thursday, June 13, 2024 UTC


      SEPT 5: TYPIKA BY DEACON RYAN – 9:00 AM (OUTSIDE), followed by Panachida for Father Rick’s birthday. Please bring your own chairs. Bring food for your family and stay for fellowship after the service.

Have your children bring their “gift” for the Birthday Party for the Theotokos after the service. A card, flower, coloring page, chain of good works, etc. using materials provided last Sunday or your own will be placed at her icon after the service. Then join us for a sweet treat to celebrate!

NOTE: Cary’s State of Emergency declaration, effective August 18, 2021 at 5 p.m., requires masks in all public and private indoor spaces within Cary’s town limits. This includes citizens over the age of five, regardless of vaccination status.

PROPERS: SundayAfterPentecost15DivineLiturgy

Streaming via Facebook Live.

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This Sunday’s Gospel Reading is Matthew 22:35-46, The Greatest Commandment, in which Jesus answers a question from a lawyer about what is the greatest commandment. Jesus teaches us that we should not love God partially, but we must give all of ourselves to God.  This is the first and greatest commandment. While the second is to love thy neighbor. For he who loves his neighbor fulfills all the commandments, and he who fulfills all the commandments, loves God.  The Pharisees, like many of us today, argue over the details of the law and lose sight of their greater meaning!  As a result we, like them, find ourselves unable to answer before God when we’re selfish and self-centered.  God’s grace is provided to us in our humility.

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