Monday, August 21, 2017 UTC


858272308 SEPT 2: GREAT VESPERS – 3:00 PM; SEPT 3: MATINS – 7:00 AM, DIVINE LITURGY – 10:30 AM.

Today’s Gospel reading is Matthew 21: 33-42, The Parable of the Evil Tenants. The message Jesus shares with us in this parable is that of God’s love and compassion. The servants or slaves that were sent to the vineyard were not worth nothing, within a monetary system they were worth money to the master. In a humanity system, they were human and deserved much better than the tenants gave them. Yet God continued to send his people to the tenants in hopes that they would repent of their ways and turn back to him. When they did not, he tried one last expression in sending his son, his beloved son, yet they killed him also. Thus, regardless, Gods love never fails. There are often those outside of the church who feel that there is no way that God could ever love them because of what they have done. Yet God was still willing to love the tenants even after they has killed his servants and son and shown him great disrespect.




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