Saturday, June 23, 2018 UTC


  JAN 21: 2;00-2:45 PM – CONFESSIONS, 3:00 PM – GREAT VESPERS; JAN 22: 07:00 AM – MATINS, 10:00 AM – DIVINE LITURGY, 12:30 PM – SPANISH LITURGY.

The Gospel reading for this Sunday isLuke 18: 35-43, A Blind Beggar Receives his Sight. Every day the same beggar lived in his darkened world. But today was different, since a larger than usual crowd was making its way past & he learned that Jesus was passing by and he shouted out persistently so he wouldn’t miss his chance to have Jesus heal him. There are 3 main lessons: 1. There are opportune spiritual moments when Jesus “passes by,” 2. “When Jesus passes by, we should cry out to Him with bold, persistent faith,” and 3. When we cry out to Jesus in faith, He will be merciful to us.”

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