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It will be a year since Fr. Richard Paul Rohrer left us to return to his homeland – Heaven. The liturgy will be celebrated at the Chapel of the Collegium of Ukrainian Catholic University. The place where Fr. Rick spent the last days of his life volunteering as a teacher of our students. Please join us in prayer for the repose of his soul. The liturgy will be broadcast on this Facebook page.


We are saddened to hear of the passing of one of God’s priestly servants, +Rev. Richard Paul Rohrer, who entered into eternal rest on a Lord’s Day in Lviv, Ukraine, after having celebrated Divine Liturgy.

Father Richard was born and raised in Tecumseh, Michigan, and educated by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. He was ordained by +Bishop Michael J. Dudick at St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, serving as seminarian and Deacon. He would later serve as Assistant to +Msgr. John. Sekellick.

He subsequently studied Philosophy, Theology, Christian Archeology and Eastern Ecclesiastical Studies and Liturgy at the Angelicum and the Pontificio Istituto Orientale (Pontifical Oriental Institute) in Rome.

He went on to serve in many presbyteral positions, including pastor of Sts. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church in Cary, NC, a church of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic (1994-2016).

Father Richard was an outspoken advocate against the evil of abortion and infanticide, and served as Spiritual Director of Project Rachel, a post-abortion healing ministry in Eastern North Carolina. He also worked with pre-school children from broken homes in Rhode Island, immigrants and indigent alcoholics in the Archdiocese of Detroit, taught catechism in the State of Jalisco, Mexico, and served as Administrative Assistant in the Catholic Diocese of Lansing, Michigan.

Father Richard was also a great friend to the Eastern Catholic churches in Northeastern Pennsylvania, visiting often to celebrate liturgy and speak at Lenten Missions at the parishes of Saint Joseph Melkite Greek- Catholic Church, Scranton; St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church, Taylor; St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church, Scranton; The Chapel at Ciszek Hall on the campus of the University of Scranton; St. Mary of the Assumption Byzantine Catholic Church, Scranton, PA, Scranton, among others.

Though we are heartbroken at the passing of Father Richard, we can find comfort in knowing that he will now celebrate the Heavenly Liturgy at the Altar of God.

May his memory be eternal! Vichnaya Pam’yat! Вічная Пам’ять!

A Message from: Father Iouri Koslovskii, Pastor in Ukraine: “I have the unfortunate duty to address all of you, Fr. Rick’s friends, from His Facebook page, with the notice of His passing into the House of the Lord. He died on Sunday night, July 14, at 10:35 PM Kyiv Time (3:35 PM EDT).

For many of us, Father Rick was so much more than just a Facebook friend. He was a person who always left a mark on the soul of the people that he befriended. With his sincerity, love, intentionality to help and serve, honesty, openness, knowledge, and spiritual integrity he entered lives of so many of us like an angel of God’s calm and simple power.

His last dream was that of transferring to Ukraine and working on Project Rachel (post-abortion reconciliation ministry). His trip to Ukraine two weeks ago was arduous. After a nine hours flight to Prague, there was no other option but to take a bus into Ukraine, which takes about 17 hours. He was then detained at the border and spent 12 hours sorting out the situation. I was allowed to pick him up late at night, and when I met him at the gate of the facility, I expected to see a tired and exhausted man after several days of sleepless trials. Instead, I was met with this big smile on his face and a spring in his step. Something, I didn’t see in him for years. And it was not just an expression of the end of challenging adventures. It was happiness for having arrived at the place that he longed for in years.

His last day was the day of the Lord, Sunday. He celebrated a beautiful liturgy in the morning. After lunch, even though it was raining heavily and the temperatures were low, we took a trip together with my family to Stradch, a place of pilgrimage outside Lviv, where monks inhabited caverns since the twelfth century. We visited the church and the graves of the many people who chose to be buried there entrusting their souls to the everlasting prayers of the monks. The same mount became a place of martyrdom for members of our Church at the hand of Soviet soldiers in 1941. We came back to the facility where we attended a dance competition of our students and then during the little dancing night that followed. He asked one of our teachers to a dance. Finished it, bowed and with a smile on his face collapsed to the ground.

If you knew him, you would know how much he appreciated dancing. Two days ago, he was preaching at the vespers inviting everyone to learn to dance, because otherwise, you will be bored in heaven (Psalms 149:3). The lady that danced with him last said that he probably never realized what happened to him and just kept dancing on, but in front of the Heavenly Altar.”

Below is a gospel reading and homily by Father Rick on July 6, 2011, “Things hidden from the wise.”

Things hidden from the wise – YouTube


JUNE 26 – 28: 7:30 pm Friday – 2:00 pm Sunday – Virtual Young Adult Retreat, Sr. Barbara Jean & Team

The theme is “Authentic Discipleship: Responding to Christ’s Call in the Post-Modern World.”  Five sessions, prayer services, breakout groups, reflections will occur between 7:30 pm Friday and 2:00 pm Sunday.

Sister Barbara Jean and a team of young adults will lead the experience.  For questions or registration, call 724-438-7149 or email <[email protected]>. Registration deadline June 24. Donation. Please see flyer here: Young Adult Flyer (6)



Prevention information illustration related to 2019-nCoV. Vector illustration to avoid Coronavirus.

Compliance List for the Parish to remain open during the Pandemic.

As a reminder, in person attendance is limited to 50 percent capacity.  Visitors should email the church at [email protected] if you wish to attend Sunday Divine Liturgy at 9:00 AM.  Parishioners, if they have not already indicated they want to attend Liturgy in person, should contact the church office.

  • Parishioners who are considered “high risk,” and more vulnerable to the virus should consider not attending Liturgy in the church and continue to participate via Facebook.
  • Parishioners are dispensed from attending Divine Liturgy on Sunday and Holy Days.
  • A face mask covering mouth and nose MUST be worn during Divine Liturgy, which should be removed before receiving Holy Communion.
  • Please bring your own mask as the church has a limited number available.
  • Social distancing (6 feet) of people not living in the same household should be followed. A family living together can sit in the same area.
  • Please refrain from physical contact.
  • Please sanitize hands when entering and leaving church.
  • There will be no Agape meal in the hall after Liturgy.
  • Please maintain social distancing after Liturgy.
  • A collection basket is under the Tetrapod for your weekly donation. You may also mail in your donation or donate online via our website.
  • As you approach Fr. Vasyl for communion, please state your name.

Compliance Items List

Church Services and Sacraments

  1. All persons attending services at our Church must bring and wear a mask inside the church. Parents shall use their best discretion to ensure their children are safe and not in any distress caused by wearing a mask. If your child cannot wear a mask, then social distancing applies and the children needs to stay with their parents. There will be a supply of masks for those who do not have one in the Narthex.

Note: CDC guidelines recommend that children under 2 years of age should not wear a mask.

  1. All Parishioners are dispensed from their Sunday obligation but by Divine Law must keep the Lord’s Day Holy and pray (if you can, participate in the live stream from Church).
  2. We will continue to venerate icons without kissing or touching them, there will be no distribution of the Antidoron, nor kissing of crosses or chalice.
  3. Parishioners should stay in their designated areas and not move around in the church. Parents have to be mindful that their children need to stay with them at all times.
  4. Candles may not be handled by everyone; they may be placed in sand with a candle already lit; a person can then light one candle without touching the others in the sand.
  5. Confession must be heard at a distance of no less than six feet.
  6. Christian Mysteries of Initiation shall be done with the immediate family only. If guests will attend, please get approval from the Pastor/Administrator.
  7. A special instruction will be provided at each Divine Liturgy reminding people to open their mouths wide and do not contact the spoon. If the spoon touches a parishioners mouth, it must be removed from service and disinfected. Parents must instruct their children not to touch the spoon. All spoons must be clean and disinfected before and after each Divine Service.


  1. We must have two ushers to open doors for people coming to church to minimize contact to surfaces.
  2. Two ushers need to show people where to stand/sit. One at the Exit Door and one in the Narthex Entrance.
  3. An usher will help people exiting the Church.

Social Distancing

  1. Nave shall be sectioned off to provide social distancing spaces.
  2. Markers shall be placed in the aisle six feet apart showing where people can stand for Holy Communion.
  3. There will be no gathering in the hall for our traditional Agape Meal after Divine Liturgy and the Hall is closed indefinitely.
  4. The Collection basket must remain in a place accessible for those donating and not move around.  Parishioners  may continue to mail in their donation as well.
  5. After Divine Liturgy or any other service, the faithful are encouraged to maintain social distancing outside the church.


  1. Books, magazines, papers, etc., must be removed from the Narthex and Nave and stored in a safe place.
  2. A supply of hand sanitizer and rubber gloves shall be in the Narthex and Nave. Parishioners may bring their own.
  3. A supply of disinfectant for cleaning surfaces after services will be provided. A cleaning checklist for after services will be available for designated cleaning personnel
  4. There shall be designated people assigned to disinfect the Church; clergy will clean the Altar area.
  5. Where applicable, a window may be opened to provide fresh air. Widows will remain closed during days of high heat and humidity.


  1. An email shall be sent out once a week to all parishioners encouraging them to stay home if they are of high risk or if they are ill or exhibit symptoms.
  2. The bulletin will be electronic only.
  3. Liturgical Propers will be supplied and then discarded. Parishioners may bring their own.
  4. HVAC filters changed regularly.

From the office of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church
Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!