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Christ is risen!

Compliance List for the Parish to Reopen.

Dear Faithful,

Christ has ascended!

Our Syncellus Fr. John Basarab, in conjunction with meetings including Bishop Kurt, has approved Fr. Mark’s plan to reopen the Parish. Attendance at church will start with 15 parishioners this Sunday (approximately 30% capacity) as Fr. Mark was asked to follow the guidelines of the local  authorities. With the Priest, Deacon, Cantor and two ushers that will bring the total to a maximum of 20 people for this coming Sunday.  Although churches are exempt from restrictions,  we will be opening slowly to get processes in place such as ushers and cleaning.  Families that attend in person are expected to help with ushering and also the cleaning.

In the future we are looking to have a second service and also looking at opening the hall at some point and having live-streaming available there (the same procedures/requirements as in the church will apply for those attending in the hall- social distancing, masks, etc). These arrangements will take some time to get in place.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Mark

List of Compliance Items

Church Services and Sacraments

  1. All persons attending services at our Church must bring a mask. Parents shall use their best discretion to ensure their children are safe and not in any distress caused by wearing a mask. If your child cannot wear a mask, then social distancing applies and the children needs to stay with their parents. There will be a supply of masks for those who do not have one in the Narthex.

Note: CDC guidelines recommend that children under 2 years of age should not wear a mask.

  1. All Parishioners are dispensed from their Sunday obligation but by Divine Law must keep the Lord’s Day Holy and pray (if you can, participate in the live stream from Church).
  2. We will continue to venerate icons without kissing or touching them, there will be no distribution of the Antidoron, nor kissing of crosses or chalice.
  3. Parishioners should stay in their designated areas and not move around in the church. Parents have to be mindful that their children need to stay with them at all times.
  4. Candles may not be handled by everyone; they may be placed in sand with a candle already lit; a person can then light one candle without touching the others in the sand.
  5. Confession must be heard at a distance of no less than six feet.
  6. Christian Mysteries of Initiation shall be done with the immediate family only. If guests will attend, please get approval from the Pastor/Administrator.
  7. A special instruction will be provided at each Divine Liturgy reminding people to open their mouths wide and do not contact the spoon. If the spoon touches a parishioners mouth, it must be removed from service and disinfected. Parents must instruct their children not to touch the spoon. All spoons must be clean and disinfected before and after each Divine Service.


  1. We must have two ushers to open doors for people coming to church to minimize contact to surfaces.
  2. Two ushers need to show people where to stand/sit. One at the Exit Door and one in the Narthex Entrance.
  3. An usher will help people exiting the Church.

Social Distancing

  1. Nave shall be sectioned off to provide social distancing spaces.
  2. Markers shall be placed in the aisle six feet apart showing where people can stand for Holy Communion.
  3. There will be no gathering in the hall for our traditional Agape Meal after Divine Liturgy and the Hall is closed indefinitely.
  4. The Collection basket must remain in a place accessible for those donating and not move around.  Parishioners  may continue to mail in their donation as well.
  5. After Divine Liturgy or any other service, the faithful are encouraged to maintain social distancing outside the church.


  1. Books, magazines, papers, etc., must be removed from the Narthex and Nave and stored in a safe place.
  2. A supply of hand sanitizer and rubber gloves shall be in the Narthex and Nave. Parishioners may bring their own.
  3. A supply of disinfectant for cleaning surfaces after services will be provided. A cleaning checklist for after services will be available for designated cleaning personnel
  4. There shall be designated people assigned to disinfect the Church; clergy will clean the Altar area.
  5. Where applicable, a window may be opened to provide fresh air. Widows will remain closed during days of high heat and humidity.


  1. An email shall be sent out once a week to all parishioners encouraging them to stay home if they are of high risk or if they are ill or exhibit symptoms.
  2. The bulletin will be electronic only.
  3. Liturgical Propers will be supplied and then discarded. Parishioners may bring their own.
  4. HVAC filters changed regularly.


From the office of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church
Glory be to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!



A pastoral letter from Most Reverend Kurt Burnette, Bishop of the Byzantine Ruthenian Eparchy of Passaic: Pastoral-Letter-on-the-Violence-June-4-2020-2

The following are two letters from the Office of the Bishop, Diocese of Passaic, Most Rev. Kurt Burnette, concerning the Pandemic.


Pandemic Letter 4-28-2020

Doc1The latest letter from Bishop Kurt regarding Corona Virus



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orthodoxy-icon-feeding-5000JULY 5: DIVINE LITURGY – 08:30 AM (LIVE-STREAMED)

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Parishes live-streaming in the Diocese can be found here:

The first Gospel Reading for this Sunday is from Matthew 8:28 – 9:3 in which Jesus Restores Two Demon-Possessed Men & cast the demons into the Pigs. In this reading Jesus is now in His public ministry and encountered humans who are “demon-possessed”, because the demons took control of their faculties and tormented and twisted their lives out of control. But when Jesus came to their area, He brought deliverance for them from the powers of darkness. During the confrontation, the demons begged Jesus to send them into a herd of pigs that was nearby. These powerful evil spirits are in a panic, afraid of Christ, worried their days are coming to an end, knowing that a judgment is appointed for them. The news quickly spread to the town about what happened, but the amazing thing is that when they saw Jesus they pleaded with Him to leave their region. Why would they not welcome Him? Perhaps they thought only of their loss of the pigs. Or, perhaps they were more afraid for themselves, for this was no ordinary prophet in their midst, but one who judges and casts out evil. We do not know, as we do not understand why some believe and accept Jesus and some do not. So this Gospel record is one in which though Christ leaves when asked, He is always willing to help those who receive and asks for them to spread “the Good News.”