Monday, August 20, 2018 UTC



The purpose of the Pastoral Pastoral Council (P.P.C.) is to accept the delegation by the Pastor as to any Mission matters, to consider the matter thoroughly, and to propose practical conclusions and solutions about the issues. The council’s task is, first of all, to study those matters brought to its attention and shed light on them. Its second task is to prayerfully reflect on them thoroughly, to discern their true nature, to evaluate and to ponder them. Its final task is to draw sound conclusions. The council presents these conclusions and possible solutions to the Pastor in the form of recommendations.

This threefold task of the council-investigating, considering, and recommending conclusions, is called pastoral planning. After the Pastor has considered the recommendations of the council, he may accept, reject or modify the recommendations.  Afterwards, he directs the implementation of his decision. Council members may assist him, but strictly speaking, implementation is the responsibility of the pastor, not the council.


Chairman: Tony Blair

Director of Finance: Matthew Rubush

Secretary: Patti Kingery

Treasurer: Lance Morgan

At Large Members: Marie Taylor, Lance Morgan, Paul Tooley

If you would like further information about meeting minutes please contact the Chairman, Tony Blair at [email protected] .

Father Mark will conduct quarterly parish meetings the first Sundays of February, May, August, and November with parish updates.