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Project Rachel and Birthchoice

Project Rachel

One in four people are touched by abortion.  Odds are that someone you know is suffering from the effects of an abortion. You can be instrumental in bringing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to those in great need by passing along this information! 

Abortion is one of the most common procedures in the US, experienced by millions of women, many of whom are Catholic. Abortion creates a wound in post-abortive woman (and men) resulting in spiritual and emotional problems. The Project Rachel ministry assists women and men who have been wounded by abortion to find truth and healing. Check their website for the next retreat. If you have experienced an abortion and would like more information about the retreat contact Project Rachel at (919) 852-1021 or email For more information go to the website:

Calls and appointments are kept strictly confidential.


Pregnant and need help? Call 919-828-LIFE. There are many resources for when you find yourself pregnant and not sure what to do. Our society today often pressures women to abort when this destructive step is not necessary. Did your partner give you the money for an abortion: Is there no one in your family to whom you can turn? There are plenty of people who care; you just haven’t met them yet. We are pro-choice; choose life! You do not have to end the life of your child.

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