Wednesday, July 26, 2017 UTC




Jan 22nd: George E—36th Sunday after Pentecost (reading is for the 31st Sunday)

Jan 29th: Angela T—37th Sunday after Pentecost/Sunday of Zacchaeus (reading is for the 32nd Sunday)


(Feb 2nd– Encounter of Our Lord with Simeon and Anna)

Feb 5thth: Dave R—Sunday of Publican and Pharisee (reading is for the 33rd Sunday)

(no fasting the week following Publican and Pharisee)

Feb 12th: Katie A—Sunday of Prodigal Son

(Feb 18th– First All Souls Saturday)

Feb 19th: Scott N— Meatfare Sunday

Feb 26th: Patti K—Cheesefare Sunday, Forgiveness Vespers

(Feb 27th– First Day of the Great Fast)


Mar 5th: Tony B- First Sunday of the Great Fast- Sunday of Orthodoxy

(Mar 11th: Second All Souls Saturday)

Mar 12th: Donna E- Second Sunday of the Great Fast-

(Mar 18th: Third All Souls Saturday)

Mar 19th: Paul T-Third Sunday of Great Fast

(Mar 25th: Annunciation)

Mar 26th: Travis K- Fourth Sunday of the Great Fast

(Mar 30th: The Great Canon of St Andrew)


(Apr 1st: Akathistos Saturday)

Apr 2nd: Michelle R- Fifth Sunday of the Great Fast and of Venerable Mother Mary of Egypt

Apr 9th: George E-Palm Sunday

Apr 16th: Angela T- Pascha

Apr 23rd: Dave R- Thomas Sunday and Great Martyr George

Apr 30th: Katie A- Sunday of Myrrh-Bearers, and for Apostle (James)


May 7th: Scott N- Sunday of Paralytic

(May 10th– Mid-Pentecost)

May 14th: Patti K- Samaritan Woman

May 21st: Tony B- Sunday of Man born blind and of the Saints (Constantine and Helen)

May 28th: Donna E- Sunday of 1st Nicean Council


Jun 4th: Paul T- Pentecost Sunday

Jun 11th: Travis K- All Saints Sunday

Jun 18th: Michelle R- 2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Jun 25th: George E- 3rd Sunday after Pentecost